RESPONSIBLE styles - focus on natural fibers

More sustainable and natural materials play a major role in our BOSS Pre-Fall 2021 collection.

The new RESPONSIBLE styles from our BOSS brand show how we combine premium quality, durability and responsibility. The current designs use organic cotton and hemp, for which we place high value on sustainable cultivation. Organic cotton, for example, is grown using ecological pesticides and fertilizers. In this way, the soil quality can be protected and its natural condition preserved in a sustainable way. The cultivation of hemp naturally requires fewer pesticides and fertilizers. Another special feature of the collection is that we use undyed fabric and so avoid the additional consumption of water, energy and chemicals during the dyeing process.

In addition to using special sustainable, certified materials, our RESPONSIBLE styles also meet high sustainability criteria in other areas such as processing, packaging and transport. Our goal is to increase the share of these particularly sustainable designs to at least 30% of the total product range by 2025.

We have also set targets for individual materials. For example, 100% of the cotton we source will come exclusively from sustainable sources by 2025.

You can find our RESPONSIBLE styles in our online store as well as in local stores worldwide.