“We Together – The German Industry Integration Initiative”

February 16, 2016 – In support of the program “We Together – German Industry Integration Initiative,” HUGO BOSS has pledged to make a concrete, sustainable contribution in order to support refugees in Germany. The goal is to promote the inclusion of refugees within society at large and in the Metzingen-area labor market.In cooperation with local authorities, HUGO BOSS will be supporting a swift and non-bureaucratic initiation of contacts and exchange of information between employers, asylum seekers and refugees with the aim of identifying relevant career opportunities. As part of these efforts, HUGO BOSS will also be offering apprenticeships and jobs within the company. In addition, its employees will be engaging in the company-sponsored German courses and integration services provided for the refugees, and also act as facilitators when it comes to seeking employment and information. The total sum collected in a dedicated donation drive is doubled by HUGO BOSS and used toward funding additional language courses and further education offerings for the refugees and asylum seekers.