Information on the merger of share classes and the transition to registered shares

Metzingen, June 12, 2012. Following the clear approval by the Annual Shareholders’ Meeting of HUGO BOSS AG on May 3, 2012 of the transition from bearer shares to registered shares and the conversion of preferred shares into ordinary shares, as well as the separate resolution by the holders of preferred shares regarding the conversion of preferred shares into ordinary shares, the corresponding amendments to the Articles of Association are expected to be entered in the Commercial Register of the Stuttgart Local Court on Friday, June 15, 2012, thereby becoming effective. In terms of securities accounts and the stock exchange, the transition from bearer shares to registered shares and the conversion of preferred shares into ordinary shares is expected to take place on the same day after the close of stock market trading. The reclassification of shareholdings by the custodian banks will take place automatically and is free of charge for the shareholders.

The transition to registered shares means that a register of shares must be maintained in which the first and last name, date of birth and address of the shareholders of HUGO BOSS AG and the number of HUGO BOSS AG shares held are recorded. Entry in the register of shares is important for the individual shareholders because only those who are entered as shareholders in the company’s register of shares are considered shareholders by the company and are therefore entitled to participate in the Annual Shareholders’ Meeting and exercise their voting rights there.

The shareholders’ legal status is not affected by the transition from bearer shares to registered shares if they are entered in the register of shares. Both their shareholding in the company and the rights attaching to their shares remain unchanged. The shareholders’ right to sell their shares is also not restricted or impeded; in particular, the company’s approval is not required in order to sell the shares.

It is expected that from Monday, June 18, 2012, the HUGO BOSS shares – i.e. both the existing 35,860,000 ordinary shares and the 34,540,000 ordinary shares arising from the conversion of the 34,540,000 preferred shares – will be listed as registered shares in each case on the regulated market of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, and here in the sub-segment of the regulated market with additional post-admission obligations (Prime Standard), as well as on the regulated market of the Stuttgart Stock Exchange. From this point on, the new ISIN DE000A1PHFF7 (previously DE0005245500 for the ordinary shares, DE0005245534 for the preferred shares), the new WKN A1PHFF (previously 524550 for the ordinary shares, 524553 for the preferred shares) and the new ticker symbol BOSS (previously BOS for the ordinary shares, BOS3 for the preferred shares) will apply.

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