Below you will find HUGO BOSS declarations on the UK Modern Slavery Act and the California Supply Chain Disclosure. HUGO BOSS speaks out in these declarations against all kinds of modern slavery and human traffic.


UK modern slavery act

HUGO BOSS rejects all kinds of forced labor, especially modern slavery and human trafficking. HUGO BOSS regularly audits direct suppliers and partners to verify their compliance with the prohibition of modern slavery and human trafficking in accordance with our Code of Conduct, our social standards and the United Kingdom Modern Slavery Act of 2015. The following statement should send a clear signal of the HUGO BOSS commitment against all kinds of forced labor and demonstrate that HUGO BOSS is a socially responsible and reliable company.


California Supply Chain Disclosure

Verification of product supply chain: 
Prior to the start of a business relationship every direct supplier is required to sign and acknowledge the HUGO BOSS Social Standards which include provisions on the prohibition of trafficking and slavery.

Compliance audits: 
On a regular basis our direct suppliers are required to undergo compliance audits which include checks for compliance with the prohibition of trafficking and slavery. Audits are conducted by internal or external partners and scheduled together with the suppliers.

Certification of supply chain security: 
The HUGO BOSS General Terms and Conditions obligate suppliers to comply with the HUGO BOSS Social Standards and ensure compliance through their supply chain.

Internal accountability: 
If suppliers violate our HUGO BOSS Social Standards we issue an action plan, requesting them to improve compliance with our standards. The supplier’s performance will be reviewed in a follow up audit. If a supplier fails to make progress against the plan, he may be subject to sanctions up to and including termination of the business relationship.

Internal trainings: 
All our employees undergo annual Social Standards trainings. Our internal and external audit staff consists of experienced and well trained auditors.