A Show in the Making

Have you ever wondered what goes into bringing a fashion show to life? We rewind the clock for you together with Chief Brand Officer Ingo Wilts to see where it all begins, and to chart the journey from collection inspiration to runway.

Months before the show

Runway shows are a true spectacle, where an entire story is played out on the catwalk. But where does the inspiration come from? This season, the city of New York – where the show also took place – was the creative spark for the new collection. “New York is a constant source of creative inspiration for us as a brand,” Ingo Wilts reveals. “This season we focused particularly on the idea of a couple, both with a curated personal style, exploring the gallery district in Chelsea.” The collection name – BOSS Curated – also reflects this core concept.

But, of course, this is only a starting point of the collosal effort of putting together a runway collection. In the end it is the joint effort and work of all. “My team and I work closely together; we exchange ideas, feelings and observations at the starting point of each collection, outlining the inspiration and direction. I follow the work that they create as a vision for the season. It is a real creative process, during which I review the collection’s development, always having in mind the strategic aspect of the BOSS brand’s positioning”, Ingo Wilts explains.

Empty runway at the Fashion Show location in New York City The calm before the storm - the illuminated catwalk shortly before the show
Picture perfect: the styling of the models backstage


With silhouettes, colors, fabrics and details chosen, the garments are produced. Now all the pieces are together and everything comes to life during the fitting sessions with the models. "There we see how a fabric falls, how a garment moves. We experiment and play a lot with different pieces – mixing different combinations to create the right silhouette or simply modify the cut of a garment. Again, we all work together to get the best result – sometimes this means there are small tweaks, sometimes it can be a major transformation."

Final check - Chief Brand Officer Ingo Wilts remains calm just before the show begins


While the unveiling of the new collection is the focus of the show, the set of course plays an all-important role. The fashion theatre filled with bright lights and music is as inextricably linked with fashion week as the collections. As final touches are made to the looks the show set is completed, lighting rigs are assembled and cameras are positioned to capture the action from every angle.

Global fashion press, buyers and celebrities take their places by the runway, ready to judge the new collection – not to mention those online waiting to view the show live. If ever there were a time for emotions to run high, it would be now. We asked Ingo Wilts if, even after years in the industry, he still feels the heat just before the big event. "I feel confident and nervous at the same time; Of course we are all excited and hope that our guests will enjoy the show.” The lights come on, the music begins, and the vision for the season comes to life in the heart of New York City.

Fashion Show guests Charlott Corde and Julia Stegner with CBO Ingo Wilts (f.r.t.l.)
Minutes before the show: Ingo Wilts welcomes Germany's most successful influencer Caro Daur
On the front row: model Cindy Bruna, actor Mark Chao, HUGO BOSS CEO Mark Langer, actors Vanessa Kirby and Richard Madden, singer Maluma
Discover the collection
Click here for more backstage photos and more details of the BOSS FW19 collection.
Discover the collection
Click here for more backstage photos and more details of the BOSS FW19 collection.