“A sketch can make a big difference”

Fashion design is much more than creating fashion. It means belonging to a world where one new design can make a big difference. Felix, a Designer for HUGO Menswear, knows stories of fashion changing people’s lives. Here he gives us some insights into what fashion design at HUGO BOSS means to him.

The archive which safeguards all the designers’ ideas

“I am responsible for the sketches in the team and concentrate on the silhouettes and the styling. Before starting sketches for a new collection, we put together a mood board. This is one of the most exciting stages. It sometimes takes me to museums - for example, once to grapple with and understand the style of the artist Jean-Michel Basquiat - and it often brings me back to the HUGO BOSS archive. This is where all the cutting patterns, shapes, and fabrics from the last collection are kept. In order to create from this wealth of experience, to take the cuts of past designers and develop them further, that is an incomparable feeling.”

The method of working that makes the team stronger

“We usually develop three collections at the same time. This requires an agile team that works together in a cross-functional manner. All the creatives sit together with us - so for example, the Fabric Manager sits right beside the Model Maker. This is a great help when considering each other’s perspective. Also, due to the pace we work at, we are increasingly using digital work methods. I don’t only sketch on paper, I also test ideas directly in the 3D program. This broadens my creative scope and I can experiment even more.”

Felix What’s your HUGO BOSS?

Develop innovative designs. Take inspiration from the archive. Collaborate with artists. That’s my HUGO BOSS.

The opportunity to create something brand new

“I have the same drive as I used to when I designed the first pants for my friends when I was 15: the buzz of creating something new. With HUGO BOSS I have even more opportunities to do this - on a much bigger stage. To see my creations in the store or - if I am lucky - to send them out on the catwalk myself and to experience how it excites people, that really satisfies me a lot. Obviously, not every idea makes it to market. This would be the first thing that I would tell someone who wants to make a difference with us: we can still make a change out there with the power of a sketch.”

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