IT meets Fashion

Avdyl started his career at HUGO BOSS as a dual student. Today he is Teamlead for Digital Frontend Solutions. What keeps him going? Four collections per year, an awesome team and the motivation to create perfect platforms for our customers. 

What are your tasks on a typical working day?

The core essence of our work in IT is the continuous development of systems. On the one side, you have to pay attention to a very good usability for frontend topics, (so that the customer gets along quickly), but at the same time another topic may require a stronger process-related focus. Together with other teams, we work on solutions to guarantee a better customer experience, such as personalized product recommendations. We treat each topic individually and find a tailor-made solution. We don't have a set of rules we apply when we face a challenge, we always adapt our ways of working and thinking.

We don't have a set of rules we apply when we face a challenge, we always adapt our ways of working and thinking.
– Avdyl

What is special about the IT department at HUGO BOSS?

Our dynamic distinguishes us from many other companies - especially within the IT sector. Four collections per year means that we have to develop certain applications within a set period to support the collection rhythm. In other words: from Metzingen around the world. We plan and develop all the systems we need in the headquarters - always keeping an eye on the global rollout. Of course, we consider country-specific requirements, as well. This is challenging, but also very exciting.

What special benefits does HUGO BOSS offer?

There are many! Flexible working from your home is a great benefit and numerous sports facilities on our campus keep you fit – starting with our own gym, volleyball and yoga courses. On a professional level, the company supports you, if you are ready to take the next step and want to develop: be it a management or specialist career.

For me personally the team spirit is one of the strongest assets: Although the IT department is very large with 300 colleagues worldwide, we work together very closely. And it is not just the “daily business”, I am talking about joint ski trips or our HUGO BOSS football tournament - you meet up and have a good time, which strengthens the team spirit.

Is there a dress code at HUGO BOSS?

It may be surprising, but the dress code is casual, sporty and even smart casual. However, what strikes me the most about new employees is that many wear formal shirts and suits when they start. But after a while, they gradually find their own way around fashion - and that’s good, because everyone can be authentic, everyone can and should wear what they feel comfortable in.