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The app and all of its content and features now have a new home in the MyHUGOBOSS App. The WEHB App will be shut down shortly and will no longer be available.

The app is available in the Apple App Store, the Google Play Store as well as in the internal HB Store (for company cell phones and tablets). You can easily download the app to your personal smartphone or to your company phone/tablet.

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    Terms of Use
    The following Terms of Use of HUGO BOSS AG, Holy-Allee 3, 72555 Metzingen (hereinafter referred to as “HUGO BOSS”) apply to the HUGO BOSS Employee App MyHUGOBOSS and all of the content that can be accessed in the MyHUGOBOSS App. You are required to comply with the following Terms of Use when using the MyHUGOBOSS App. We therefore ask that you read them carefully. We will notify you separately of any changes to our Terms of Use.

    Purpose of the MyHUGOBOSS App
    The MyHUGOBOSS App is an internal means for communicating and sharing information for employees. It is a tool for the mobile dissemination of news and personal views of the CEO and a tool for direct exchange with the CEO as well as a tool for the mobile dissemination of global/other news about HUGO BOSS and the company’s brands and products.

    The MyHUGOBOSS App is only available to employees. They can use their E-number or password to log into the protected App area. No other persons are permitted to access the MyHUGOBOSS App and the information contained in it.

    Ways to interact with the App
    Employees can interact with the MyHUGOBOSS App in the following ways: Like function, comments function and survey function, upload pictures, videos, make their Digital Business Cards available.

    Voluntary participation
    Use of the MyHUGOBOSS App is purely on a voluntary basis. The App has no functions which an employee needs for performing his or her work for HUGO BOSS. Employees shall use the App during work time. Beyond that, employees are free to decide and should decide where and how they will access news from the CEO and other HUGO BOSS news in the MyHUGOBOSS App. However, the use of the App must be restricted so as to ensure that its use does not interfere with the employee’s proper performance of his or her work and other duties that have to be carried out. The time needed for using the MyHUGOBOSS App is not work time for which remuneration is due.

    Copyright and other intellectual property rights
    All of the content, images, texts and videos contained in the MyHUGOBOSS App are the intellectual property of HUGO BOSS. All rights reserved.
    Unless there is a statement to the contrary, you should assume that everything you see, read or hear in the MyHUGOBOSS App is legally protected.

    With the exception of the content that HUGO BOSS has explicitly released for use by MyHUGOBOSS App users, you are prohibited from copying, publishing or otherwise disseminating MyHUGOBOSS App content and from displaying, removing, deleting, disclosing, modifying, transferring and using it for other purposes etc. Except with the written consent of HUGO BOSS or the respective licensor, no license or other right to use the content presented in the MyHUGOBOSS App is granted either explicitly or implicitly. Any improper use is strictly prohibited and HUGO BOSS will pursue civil and criminal remedies for any violation of its rights.

    Content expressly released for reproduction, which employees may copy exclusively for their own use, must bear a copyright notice indicating HUGO BOSS’s ownership. Proprietary notices contained in the content may not be removed.

    The logos and indicators displayed in the MyHUGOBOSS App, in particular the signs HUGO BOSS, BOSS and HUGO are registered or unregistered trademarks of HUGO BOSS or one of its licensors. Other trademarks are the property of the respective trademark owner.

    Information Sent to HUGO BOSS
    All comments, suggestions, ideas and other content which you send to or otherwise make available to HUGO BOSS via the MyHUGOBOSS App (Information Sent) will be treated as non-confidential. HUGO BOSS is not obliged to treat the Information Sent confidentially. HUGO BOSS will be entitled to use and exploit the Information Sent free of charge.

    Liability for Information Sent
    You will be liable for ensuring that none of the information you send violates the rights of third parties, including, but not limited to, copyrights, trademarks, patent rights, business secrets, privacy or other personal rights or intellectual property rights. In connection with the aforegoing, you will be required to indemnify HUGO BOSS against all third-party claims, including the reasonable costs of legally defending its rights.

    User behaviour and procedure for handling violations
    Do not use the MyHUGOBOSS App in an improper manner.

    The editorial department reserves the right to evaluate content to ascertain whether it is illegal or violates any rules and regulations. It may remove content or refuse to show it if it can reasonably assume that such content violates rules and regulations or applicable law. The editorial department reserves the right to delete inappropriate comments made by employees and to ban the employees concerned from further use of the MyHUGOBOSS App. Inappropriate comments are any content that is libelous, defamatory, obscene, insulting, pornographic or which glorifies violence or invades the privacy of another person, infringes intellectual property rights, advertises goods or services or solicits cash or cash equivalents.

    Warranty and liability
    You are responsible for all of your activities on or in connection with the MyHUGOBOSS App. HUGO BOSS endeavours to manage and maintain the MyHUGOBOSS App with due care. HUGO BOSS does not, however, warrant that the MyHUGOBOSS App will be accessible at all times. This applies in particular if the MyHUGOBOSS App cannot be accessed due to faults that are beyond HUGO BOSS’s control. Moreover, HUGO BOSS does not warrant that the MyHUGOBOSS App will always be up-to-date and free of error. It is possible that there may be delays, typing errors, or even erroneous information.

    HUGO BOSS is only liable to the extent that it, its vicarious agents and/or legal representatives are guilty of intentional misconduct or gross negligence.

    In the event of slight negligence, HUGO BOSS will only be liable to the extent that it, its vicarious agents and/or legal representatives have breached a material contractual obligation.

    In this event, the liability of HUGO BOSS and/or its vicarious agents and legal representatives is, in the case of financial loss, limited to the foreseeable damage that typically occurs.

    Mutual respect
    Please ensure that you are polite and respectful whenever you use the MyHUGOBOSS App to communicate. This applies in relation to superiors, employees, third parties and competitors.

    Please note that you must refrain from making any discriminatory, insulting or other illegal statements when using the MyHUGOBOSS App and that making such statements may – in additional to exposing you to damages claims – lead to consequences under employment law.

    If you have any questions or suggestions, or require information, please call this number (+49) 07123-940 or send an e-mail to this address: