Climate neutrality is one of the core elements of the new HUGO BOSS strategy

At the beginning of August, the HUGO BOSS Managing Board presented the new 2025 growth strategy, "Claim 5". In addition to a branding refresh and investments in digital, sustainability also plays a major role in this framework. Three new targets in the areas of emissions and circularity have therefore been added to the existing set of ambitious sustainability targets.

On the way to climate neutrality

HUGO BOSS has set itself the goal of being climate neutral within its own area of responsibility by 2030 and throughout its entire value chain by 2045.

We are guided on this path by our science-based targets, which were defined in 2020. Within our own area of responsibility (Scope 1-2), we will reduce emissions by at least 51% by 2030. This includes, for example, emissions from heating and cooling our buildings. In addition, we will reduce emissions that arise outside this area (Scope 3), for example from transport and distribution and from the purchase of our raw materials, by 30% by the same year. Any remaining emissions that cannot be set to zero through effective reductions will, as a last resort, be offset to close the emissions gap.

Promoting closed loops

In the future, we will also be stepping up our efforts to establish an end-to-end circular business model to conserve resources. For example, by 2030, eight out of ten products will meet circularity criteria, for example by containing a high proportion of recycled materials, being repaired, being recyclable, or even being biodegradable at the end of their life cycle.