DGNB awards HUGO BOSS KITA with Platinum Certificate

The HUGO BOSS daycare center ‘LITTLE BOSS TIMES in Metzingen received the prestigious platinum certificate from German Sustainable Building Council (DGNB). It is the highest certification level of DGNB and is awarded to buildings that meet at least 80% of DGNB sustainability criteria, the company's own daycare center achieved 82%.

This was achieved thanks to the wood hybrid construction, which has a lower environmental impact, certified materials with a long durability and the photovoltaic thermal system on the roof. It generates around 13,000 kWh of electricity per year for our own needs and, in combination with a heat pump, also serves to heat and cool the building. If additional electricity is required, it is procured 100% from renewable energy sources to avoid CO2 emissions. In addition, the ventilation system helps to save energy in the building by recovering heat.

The certification is a sign that we are putting our environmental policy principles, which provide for certification of our new buildings, into practice.

For more information about DGNB, please visit this page.