HUGO BOSS invests in a sustainable apparel technology

HUGO BOSS has entered into a long-term, strategic partnership with HeiQ (LSE:HEIQ). Through this partnership, HUGO BOSS is investing in their game-changing new apparel technology, for the production of a sustainable cellulosic yarn.

HeiQ AeoniQ technology enables the production of a sustainable, circular and closed-loop recyclable cellulosic textile yarn. This high performance yarn is on par with conventional fabrics like polyester and nylon thanks due to its tensile strength and elasticity whereby it has a far better ecological footprint. Whereas polyester and nylon fibers are based on fossil fuels, a limited resource, HeiQ AeoniQ yarn is made from bio-based cellulose, a renewable raw material, that is capturing carbon from the atmosphere

As part of our product sustainability strategy, one of our goals is to minimize our environmental impact and use resources responsibly. We are investing USD 5 million to support the expansion of the new HeiQ AeoniQ technology, as it promises great potential for a more sustainable fashion industry. It facilitates the reduction of water pollution through microplastic fibers, the preservation of agricultural land, and contributes to the decarbonization of the atmosphere while replacing oil-based plastics like PET or Nylon.