HUGO BOSS starts cooperation with Cotton made in Africa

September - HUGO BOSS is expanding its cooperation with Cotton made in Africa (CmiA), an initiative of the Aid by Trade Foundation, to implement its sustainable cotton strategy. In spring next year, the first products with CmiA labels will be available in stores.


The aim of the initiative is to improve the living conditions of African small farmers: Sub-Saharan Africa is the fifth largest cotton exporter in the world. Cotton is grown there by approximately 3.4 million farmers and in many cases accounts for half of the income, giving the raw material a key role in the fight against poverty. This is where the CmiA initiative comes in: by training farmers in cultivation methods that increase the yields and quality of cotton while protecting their health and the environment. In addition, small farmers are guaranteed purchase quantities at fixed prices, which makes it easier for them to plan. Overall, these measures also lead to a higher income for farmers. In addition, they and their families benefit from CmiA initiative projects such as the construction of schools.


This holistic approach benefits both the environment and the local small farmers and is in line with the definition of sustainable cotton defined by HUGO BOSS in its cotton guideline. By 2020, 50 % of the cotton used should meet these defined sustainability criteria and by 2025 even more than 90 %. Learn more about the company's sustainable cotton strategy here.