Less Water: How we save water in our Spring/Summer 2022 styles

At HUGO BOSS, it’s our goal is to use our planet's resources as responsibly as possible. This is especially the case when it comes to manufacturing our products. The Less Water styles of the 2022 Spring/Summer collection of our brands BOSS and HUGO focus on one of the most important natural resources: water. 

Since, both, the cultivation of raw materials and the manufacturing processes of textiles can involve a high consumption of water, this is precisely where we focus our efforts with water-saving  materials and dyeing techniques for the Less Water styles.

As a company, we have set the target that by 2025: 30% of our products will contribute to a special water preservation footprint. What this signifies is that we will reduce water consumption by a minimum of 30% in the manufacture of these products through specific dyeing, tanning, washing, and treatment processes. The RESPONSIBLE styles of our Less Water capsule pay off on exactly this goal.

Special materials and dyes reduce water consumption

For the Less Water styles, we have collaborated with various initiatives using environmentally friendly materials for this purpose. These include, for example, the Recot2 cotton yarn or the SeaCell™ fiber made from dried algae and sustainable raw wood. Thanks to a closed solvent circuit, all process liquids and water used are recycled and reused in this patented production. The TencelTM cellulose fibers from Lenzing AG are also produced in a closed process. Furthermore, there are products made of linen, which requires almost no artificial irrigation and fewer pesticides and fertilizers.

In addition to the materials, the right dyeing techniques are also important. The AVITERA® dyes used in the current collections, for example, consume around 30% less water and energy than conventional dyeing methods. Furthermore, we made sure all production sites have a high-quality water recycling system in place. 

For more information, please visit Sustainability at HUGO BOSS | BOSS Inspiration | HUGO BOSS for BOSS or HUGO BOSS Clean up your act – Elaborate designs | Unisex for HUGO.

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