Multiple perspectives, one goal: How can we collectively make the textile industry more sustainable?

From international supply chains to resource scarcity, and climate change – sustainability in the textile industry faces many challenges. Can the forces of the textile industry, civil society, and politics be more strongly united to enable a more sustainable future?

This was the question that HUGO BOSS raised in this year’s Stakeholder Dialog, which featured a broader spectrum of stakeholders including NGOs, the academia, the world of research, textile companies and partner organizations, as well as political representatives. The event marked the first of a new series, through which we, at HUGO BOSS, aim to intensify dialog and strengthen synergy and collaboration between the diverse stakeholders in the industry. Titled ‘SUSTAINABILITY IN THE TEXTILE SUPPLY CHAIN – A MULTI-STAKEHOLDER PERSPECTIVE’, the two-day dialog took place on November 9 and 10 in Berlin. The strategic venue also underlined our intention to be part of the policymaking discourse around sustainability.

The keynote speech by Yves Müller (CFO/COO HUGO BOSS) provided important insights and set the tone for the first day. Here, the focus was on due diligence in the textile supply chain and the tension between regulation and corporate responsibility. The second day – featuring Prof. Dr. Sarah Jastram (Hamburg School of Business Administration) as the keynote speaker – was devoted to two questions, in particular: how can the various social stakeholders work together more effectively to jointly tackle global challenges along the supply chain? And how is it possible to ensure that any measures that are introduced (such as the Supply Chain Due Diligence Act) fulfill their purpose?

This year’s Stakeholder Dialog provided a platform for conversation, ideation, and discussion. Together, we, as stakeholders in the fashion industry, were able to find new approaches. The dialog ensured value addition for all participants, which will be further developed in the coming months.

HUGO BOSS is kicking off its new organizational Sustainability setup and integrating Sustainability into the business functions with shared responsibilities and under one cross-functional holistic approach. Thus, the strategic lead of Sustainability will fall under Dorothee Niebergall, SVP Group Strategy & Corporate Development; the operational integration into the Supply Chain will be taken over by Ivica Maric, SVP Business Operations; the supervision of all Sustainability reporting requirements will be under the responsibility of Christian Stöhr, VP Investor Relations.

Foto: Saskia Uppenkamp Foto: Saskia Uppenkamp