Statement to the Allegations from IndustriALL

March 6th, 2015 - HUGO BOSS cannot understand the allegations from IndustriALL, issued in their current statements against the Group, in any way. Neither the statements regarding our company-owned production facility in Izmir correspond with the facts, nor is the information concerning the legal issues referring to former employees accurate.

On the contrary. Both, the wages and the overtime hours in our production facility in Izmir are clearly outlined. Average wages are significantly above the customary local wages and the working environment in our facility is excellent. Accordingly, over 90 percent of our local employees confirmed in an anonymous survey that they are more than satisfied with the working environment and benefits provided. Aside from the provision of good salaries and extensive social benefits, there are also excellent training and career opportunities. Furthermore, our employees have access to canteens and numerous recreational and sports offers on site, which are all free of charge. For these reasons, HUGO BOSS is one of the most attractive employers in the region of Izmir.

Moreover, we disagree with the statements regarding the labor cases: HUGO BOSS is not aware whether employees belong to a trade union or not, as there are no obligations for employees to inform their employer about a membership. In the described present cases, the court rulings confirm that the terminations by the Company were legitimate and were not due to union membership of these individual employees.

All correspondence that we received from IndustriALL was answered by the board of management. In our last letter, which was dated February 23, 2015, we particularly emphasized that we are open to dialog with IndustriALL. Also in this regard, the statement that was issued by IndustriALL does not correspond with the facts.

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