"The Egyptian cotton project" - Promotion of sustainable cotton in Egypt

The United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) has launched “The Egyptian Cotton Project” to advance sustainability of the whole Egyptian cotton value-chain. One of the key activities is to train cotton farmers on more sustainable cotton production practices. The aim is to reduce the impact of cotton production on the environment while improving conditions for cotton producers.

Egyptian cotton is one of the highest quality fibres in the world, also known as "white gold". The ultimate aim of the project is to improve the economic, social and environmental performance of Egyptian cotton farmers and processors at the national level. To achieve this goal, the project participant Better Cotton Initiative (BCI) in coordination with other implementing partners support UNIDO on the activation of the pilot in selected areas in Egypt during the 2018-19 season. BCI provides cotton farmers with guidance and relevant expertise on more sustainable cotton production practices, including water stewardship, the use of biological pesticide alternatives and decreased reliance on synthetic fertilisers. Approximately 5,000 smallholder cotton farmers are involved in this initial pilot project. In addition, educational projects are being set up in schools, including lectures on sustainable cotton cultivation and on spinning and weaving processes, in order to sensitise young people at an early stage and make it easier for them to start working in this sector.

HUGO BOSS has supported the project right from the start and made a significant contribution to its development through the company's expertise in responsible business practices and market requirements. HUGO BOSS has also mobilized key partners such as BCI to collaborate on this project.

Egyptian cotton is an ideal source for our premium products due to its very high quality. By promoting the described sustainability aspects in cotton production, this Egyptian cotton also fits in with our overall strategy for sustainable cotton. By 2025, we have set ourselves the target of using at least 90 percent sustainable cotton (in accordance with our cotton commitment) in our products. Further information on the use of sustainable cotton at HUGO BOSS can be found here.

UNIDO EGYPT/Rehab Eldalil