Threedom of Work: New mobile working concept at HUGO BOSS

"Threedom of Work" is the name of the new mobile work model, which provides for a mix of office-based and mobile working.

This makes HUGO BOSS one of the first companies in the fashion industry to establish telecommuting as standard. It will be available initially to the approximately 3,200 employees in Germany whose jobs do not require physical attendance at the workplace.

In concrete terms this means that employees will spend three days on site from Tuesdays to Thursdays, and will then be free to choose their location on the remaining two days of the week. The three core days allow meetings and events to be scheduled more effectively, and also help foster the corporate culture – which at HUGO BOSS revolves strongly around personal interaction.

The decision to make working arrangements more flexible was based on an internal survey of some 2,000 employees. Since the beginning of the pandemic, a large number of employees have been working from home.

With this hybrid work model, HUGO BOSS as an employer is specifically addressing the growing need of employees for flexibility in terms of time and space. In addition to increasing flexibility for employees, particularly with regard to balancing work and family, HUGO BOSS is also seeking to protect the environment by reducing physical commuting. Last but not least, the Group believes that the new model will enhance its appeal as an employer.

The Group expects the "Threedom of Work" provisions to be broadly embraced and widely used, and anticipates that comparable models will be adopted shortly at its international subsidiaries.