ZDHC awards HUGO BOSS with the highest ranking in chemical management

At HUGO BOSS, our goal is to continuously reduce our impact on the environment along our entire value chain. In the context of production, the responsible handling of chemicals is particularly crucial. Our classification in the "Aspirational Level" of the "ZDHC Brands to Zero Programme" shows that we have already taken on a pioneering role in this area.

Since 2017, HUGO BOSS has been working with other companies in the textile industry as part of the Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals (ZDHC) initiative to reduce the use of potentially harmful chemicals and find more environment-friendly alternatives. We are, therefore, also committed to using the ZDHC Chemical Management System in our supply chain and are closely collaborating with our suppliers to make improvements.

Along with seven other companies, HUGO BOSS is currently one of the participants in the ZDHC program, who have had the most success in promoting sustainable chemical management along the entire value chain. For the evaluation, ZDHC collaborates with KPMG in order to ensure transparency in the evaluation of brand performance , and in the release of an unbiased report.

In this way, we can jointly raise awareness for more sustainability while continuously improving standards. Together, with ZDHC and all its members, it is our aim to become a role model for the entire fashion industry, improving the environmental efficiency of our supply chain and using safer chemicals in order to protect our planet and the people around us.