HUGO BOSS Stakeholder Dialog

An ongoing dialog for success
HUGO BOSS has invited to its international Stakeholder Dialog annually since 2016. At the international Stakeholder Dialog, members of management meet with representatives of NGOs and trade unions, along with members of academia, partners, and experts to hold open discussions. This opens up important perspectives that are already being implemented in the sustainability strategy.

Cornerstones of strategic sustainability management

The international Stakeholder Dialog of HUGO BOSS gives interest groups and organizations an opportunity to present their perspective of the company’s sustainability work and speak directly with the persons responsible at HUGO BOSS. In the past years, some 20 external stakeholders took part at each event, along with internal experts from different departments at the company.

These talks are a major cornerstone of strategic sustainability management at HUGO BOSS. We take the opinions of our stakeholders very seriously. In the past, the stakeholder dialogues have given impetus to important issues. For example, the exchange is used to reposition the company's strategic focus and to reflect the results of the materiality analysis, among other things.

In keeping with the motto “Know better, do better – It’s time for a new era of interaction” the sixth HUGO BOSS Stakeholder Dialog took place in 2021. In this year, participants from NGOs, companies and from the worlds of science and finance met virtually for the second time. Together with our stakeholders we continued the discussions of the previous year. Together we exchanged ideas on how to interact constructively and effectively with stakeholders even in challenging times.

Current Topics

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