Outlook and Targets

Our strategic business plan aims at strengthening the desirability of our brands. Our strict focus on executing against our strategic priorities will enable us to grow faster than our industry. At the same time we will grow our profitability significantly faster than sales. In addition, our very healthy financial position and the expected strong cash-flow generation will ensure we maintain our attractive dividend policy. Our overarching goal remains to create long-term value for our shareholders.
Yves Müller

Outlook 2018


 Results 2017Outlook 2018
Group sales 
Increase of 3%Increase at a low
to mid single-digit
percentage rate
Gross profit marginIncrease by 20 basis
points to 66.2%
Decline of between
50 and 100 basis points
EBITDA before special itemsOn prior year levelDevelopment
within a range
of –2% and +2%
Consolidated net incomeIncrease of 19%Increase at a low
to mid single-digit
percentage rate
Capital expenditureEUR 128 millionEUR 150 million
to EUR 170 million
Free cash flowEUR 294 millionEUR 150 million
to EUR 200 million

Targets 2022


 Target 2022
Group sales
Increase by an average of
between 5% and 7% per year
EBIT marginIncrease to 15%
Free cash flowEUR 250 million to
EUR 350 million per year

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Increasing brand desirability - this is the principle underlying HUGO BOSS' corporate strategy.

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