Coral Gardeners Joins HUGO BOSS Foundation

The HUGO BOSS Foundation has joined forces with Coral Gardeners, taking them on as the first long-term partner.

Powered by our mission to be “Bold for the Planet,” the Foundation focuses on projects that are dedicated to climate and environmental protection. Coral Gardeners does that, in a big way. As the most followed coral conservation project on the planet, they are leaving a positive mark, with more than 400 million people reached globally so far. 

We recently welcomed the Coral Gardeners team, led by their founder and CEO Titouan Bernicot, to our headquarters for a Lunch and Learn session. Titouan’s keynote speech shared inspiring insights into their efforts of restoring coral reefs and breathing life back into reef ecosystems in French Polynesia, Fiji and soon Thailand and beyond.

Driven by a profound personal experience, Titouan established Coral Gardeners in 2017 after witnessing the devastating impact of coral bleaching in his home atoll in French Polynesia.

Adopt a coral

The coral fragments are available for adoption, for yourself or as a unique gift for a loved one, so you too can participate in their conservation efforts from wherever you are in the world. You can find more information on how to adopt a coral on their website.


Their unwavering commitment centers on nurturing heat-resilient coral fragments in nurseries, and empowering local communities with conservation knowledge. With over 100,000 corals already planted, their ambitious goal is to plant one million corals worldwide.

Their revolutionary AI monitoring system, ReefOS, brings the future of technology to the world below the sea. Through a combination of four different devices, they have maximized their data gathering in an inspiring and innovative way.

We are incredibly excited about the HUGO BOSS Foundation’s partnership with Coral Gardeners. As they progress towards their goals of scaling up production and expanding their international reach, we are thrilled to be supporting them in their conservation efforts.



Read the press release here.

HUGO BOSS Foundation

Under the umbrella of the newly established foundation the scope of the charitable activities of the Company will be extended to new partners, particularly in the fields of climate and environmental protection.


These coral fragments are also available for adoption, for yourself or as a unique gift for a loved one, so you too can participate in their conservation efforts.