“I always want to be better than how I was before. HUGO BOSS offers me the opportunity to do so.”

Growing and succeeding globally: Winnii, Head of Retail Australia and New Zealand is sharing some insights of her journey of continuous personal and professional growth at HUGO BOSS. 

Why are you working in Retail?

I have been working in retail for over 20 years now. My journey started with my parents sewing business where I learnt how to sew at the age of 9. My appreciation of clothes and the quality of fabrications came from seeing how garments are constructed and how they sit on different body types.

Whilst I was studying, it made sense for me then to work part time in a clothing store when I wanted to be financially independent from my parents as a teen. I actually studied science majoring in mathematics but enjoyed working in retail so much that, after I finished my studies, I continued to pursue retail in a full time capacity. It was something I naturally fell into as I progressed further into management/leadership roles.


Tell us about your HUGO BOSS journey so far

I joined HUGO BOSS Australia in 2012 as a Regional Manager responsible for 3 states overseeing a total of 22 stores. It was an exciting time to be a part of the Australian business as we were growing rapidly and moving to Retail DOS from what was previously wholesale.

In 2016 I got the opportunity to work in the Headquarters in Metzingen Germany as the “Team Leader Global Retail Frontline”. The difference is enormous! Coming from a smaller subsidiary you’re used to wearing different hats and finding solutions in a relatively short amount of time because you can communicate directly and get access to the relevant stakeholders when needed. I found working in the Headquarters a little more complex given the sheer size of the business and size of individual departments all with very specific expertize within the department. It was very exciting for me to work together with so many different countries and cultures towards one common company goal. In saying that, I think it taught me to be quite resourceful in navigating Headquarters and building meaningful relationships when working towards a common goal.

I am now back in Australia and for the past year have been the Head of Retail for Australia & New Zealand. My journey has been one of continuous personal and professional growth. It has been supportive, character building, humbling, confronting at times, educational and honestly more positive than not.

What is your personal motivation?

My motivation stems from a deep desire to perform, being the best version of myself at work and playing an active role to contributing to a positive result – I think my biggest fear on a professional level is simply being mediocre at something. I’m obviously mediocre at a lot of things but I try to ensure that I am investing even more energy in my strengths and in the things I really want to be an expert in.

I think when you hold yourself to a high standard, you hold your team and their own teams to a high standard – everything else falls into place. People performing to their fullest potential also excites me. The people piece is what we all as leaders leave behind and have to show for our efforts. 

For any person applying for a job with HUGO BOSS, I would say that if you really want to make a difference and be a part of a business that will back you as far as you can back it – then look no further, that job is here if you dare to try and succeed. 

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