Welcome to the world of HUGO BOSS, where our hearts beat for fashion. Whether BOSS or HUGO, our success is the result of the passion, dedication and unique contributions of our teams. The world of HUGO BOSS is a bustling fashion ecosystem, supported by a seamlessly interconnected global team. We invite you to experience our fascinating journey and celebrate the people behind our powerful brands.

Introducing the World of HUGO BOSS Series
As we launch our new World of HUGO BOSS video series, we want to give you an insider’s view into the world of HUGO BOSS. We want to put the spotlight on the teams that contribute to our success and invite them to share their experiences and perspectives. Through this series, we aim to highlight the role of some of our key counterparts who shape our company and our brands.

World of HUGO BOSS: Our Beating Heart

As we wrap up our video journey through the World of HUGO BOSS, we present the epicenter of our creative vision: the Technical Center in Metzingen, our global headquarters. This is where dreams are transformed into designs, and these designs into iconic styles loved around the world.

In keeping with our motto, We love fashion, we change fashion, Metzingen is our hub of creativity and precision, digitally turning ideas into tangible masterpieces, including our renowned BOSS Made to Measure suits. Take a trip back to the origins of our fashion magic and get ready for a wave of inspiration as we embark on a journey towards our next big milestone.

World of HUGO BOSS: The Home of Elegance

In our latest installment of the World of HUGO BOSS series, we take you to Coldrerio in Ticino, Switzerland, where superb craftsmanship meets modern technology. Since its inception in 2005, this site has grown to become our second-largest design and development center, home to over 400 talented individuals from 21 different nationalities.

With passion and skill, we create a wide range of products here, from bespoke shirts and shoes to ties and knitwear. But HUGO BOSS Ticino is more than just a place of work; it's also a community, frequently recognized in the Great Place to Work Survey, and offering amenities such as a fresh food kitchen, fitness center, and library.

World of HUGO BOSS: Made in Italy

As part of our ongoing World of HUGO BOSS series, we are thrilled to spotlight Morrovalle, the heart of the artisan shoemaking world. Footwear is central to our growth strategy, and where better to focus our production than Italy, a global fashion hub?

Morrovalle is at the forefront of the footwear industry, representing both the long-standing traditions of shoemaking and the quality our BOSS and HUGO customers have come to expect. Immerse yourself in the magical world of footwear with this next episode of the World of HUGO BOSS series, featuring our talented team in action.

World of HUGO BOSS: Spotlight on Izmir

Izmir is the first stop on our journey to the heart of fashion at HUGO BOSS. Established in 1999, this huge facility, with 70,000 square meters of indoor production space and a 120,000-square-meter outdoor campus, is also our largest. With over 5,000 employees, HUGO BOSS Textile Industry in Izmir is responsible for the production of our entire product range, from formal to casual.

Recently, the site also celebrated the launch of its 4th factory. Izmir's strategic location streamlines supply to the European market, while modern technology meets tradition in our digital infrastructure.

Join the Journey: Embrace the World of HUGO BOSS

We invite you to be part of this captivating series. Get ready to discover how the collective efforts of our people make magic happen, bringing fashion to life.

The first video in the series will give you an insight into who we are and what we stand for as a premium fashion company. From design and craftsmanship to marketing and operations, each perspective contributes to our mission: we love fashion, we change fashion.



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