Sustainability at HUGO BOSS

Sustainability at HUGO BOSS at a glance

Our sustainability commitment is ingrained in the concept "TODAY. TOMORROW. ALWAYS." TODAY stands for the milestones achieved so far, TOMORROW contains the concrete goals HUGO BOSS has set itself for the future, and ALWAYS encompasses our overall sustainability principles. An overview of the most important goals and activities within this concept can be found in our Sustainability Brochure.

Sustainability and success – inextricably linked

As a global corporation, HUGO BOSS is aware of its responsibility to people, society, and the environment. This responsibility is also relevant to our business activities: In the long term, our company will only be successful if we meet the high expectations of all stakeholders.

Ensuring fair working conditions

Products of HUGO BOSS are produced worldwide. HUGO BOSS is aware of its responsibility to all employees and cooperates closely with international partners to continuously improve working conditions.

Choosing materials carefully

Cotton, leather, synthetic fibers: All of these materials have something to do with sustainability – for example, due to water consumption, chemicals, or recyclability. HUGO BOSS consistently strives to use more sustainable materials and looks for environmentally-friendly alternatives.

Saving energy, cutting CO2 emissions

HUGO BOSS relies on comprehensive environmental management to protect the environment and climate. This includes energy-efficient buildings, optimized logistics chains and the sustainable use of resources such as packaging.

Strategy and implementation

Materiality Analysis

Which sustainability topics are particularly relevant for HUGO BOSS, its stakeholders, and its business activities? The materiality analysis conducted in 2019 and updated in 2021 provides answers.

Natural Capital Evaluation

HUGO BOSS wants to pursue its sustainability efforts in a focused, targeted manner. The natural capital evaluation identifies where the greatest environmental impacts arise. These results are incorporated directly into the materiality analysis.

Collaboration & Dialog

For HUGO BOSS, communicating with all important stakeholders and finding new approaches together is both an obligation and an opportunity, also – and especially – for all aspects of the sustainability strategy.

What we’ve achieved so far

reduction of CO2 emissions (Scope 1-3)
reduction of CO2 emissions (Scope 1-3)
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in comparison to 2018
sustainably sourced cotton
sustainably sourced cotton
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according to the Cotton Commitment
goods from finished goods suppliers
goods from finished goods suppliers
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with at least satisfactory social audits

Where we focus our commitment

We: Vision and Strategy

A close dialog with stakeholders is important for deciding where HUGO BOSS focuses its sustainability efforts. An exact analysis of the current situation is also significant: What is the environmental impact of HUGO BOSS activities, for example? And how can it be reduced? The result is a consistent, strategic work.


Business activities have an effect on the environment, of course, both at company sites and as a result of global logistics. CO2 emissions, waste, and waste water are created. HUGO BOSS strives to reduce these environmental impacts.


Responsibility governs how we interact with one another in our everyday work at HUGO BOSS – because it ensures that employees are motivated and dedicated, which is essential to reaching our sustainability targets together.


Together with its suppliers HUGO BOSS is committed to improving working conditions and the social impact of the global supply chain. In addition, HUGO BOSS works together with its suppliers to mitigate environmental impacts.


More sustainable materials, innovative production technologies, animal welfare, and much more: From design to manufacturing of its products, HUGO BOSS makes numerous decisions in favor of sustainability. HUGO BOSS sees the quality of its products as an important element of sustainability.


HUGO BOSS sees itself as part of society. That’s why the company wants to contribute to its future viability – through vocational education programs, education projects for children worldwide, commitment to equal opportunities or through emergency aid for people in need.

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