Water & Waste

Reduce water consumption and waste produced
HUGO BOSS strives to reduce both water consumption and waste produced throughout the Group. To achieve this goal, we use optimized systems and automatic irrigation systems, for example. In the waste area, HUGO BOSS continuously optimizes its waste reduction measures and focuses on recycling.


Reduce water use

The reduction of water consumption is a priority for the company at all its locations. To conserve fresh water, two underground water tanks were installed at the Izmir (Turkey) location and are used primarily to irrigate the local green spaces and for local sanitary facilities. An efficient irrigation system at the Metzingen headquarters (Germany) detects when it is raining and shuts itself off in that case. Motion sensors and pressure regulators in restrooms further reduce water use.

Reduce and recycle waste

HUGO BOSS strives to avoid waste along the entire value chain. Waste generated because of our business activities is reused or recycled wherever possible.

The following table shows the waste volumes of the HUGO BOSS Group and the corresponding recycling volumes of solid waste from the past three years.

Waste volumes by type [t]¹

  2016 2017 2018
Solid waste 5,746 5,605 6,062
Unsolid waste 31 33 39
Total 5,777 5,638 6,101
Recycling volume of solid waste 3,762 3,661 3,953

¹ Waste volumes of extraordinary activities are not considered in this table. Therefore, the total waste volumes are not comparable to the figures published in the Sustainability Report 2018.

Compared to the previous year, this corresponds to an increase of approximately 8%. The increase in waste volume is due, among other things, to higher product demand and a related increase in packaging volume.

We use optimized processes to reduce waste produced. This is particularly relevant at our own production sites. We use intelligent cutting programs, for example, that calculate the best possible distribution of product components across the fabric, to waste as little as possible. The optimization at our own production site in Izmir was so successful that in 2017, the location was able to reduce consumption by 155,000 meters of fabric and trimmings compared to the previous year.

We also aim to reuse and recycle materials wherever possible. In 2018, the HUGO BOSS logistics centers, for example, reused around 1.1 million cardboard boxes.

The recycling rate within the Group, including retail, was 64% overall in 2018.

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