We help people grow stronger

Taking social responsibility

HUGO BOSS is particularly committed to encouraging people around the world to fully realize their personal potential. With the guiding principle “We help people grow stronger”, the focus is on supporting and promoting educational opportunities from a young age, as well as a commitment to equal opportunities and diversity.

In this way, HUGO BOSS supports the following three Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations: Sustainable Development Goal 4 (quality education), 5 (gender equality) and 10 (reduced inequalities).

The HUGO BOSS Corporate Citizenship Strategy: How we create value

In our Corporate Citizenship Strategy, we look at our entire value chain. The focus is on projects that are related to the company's business activities, for example, creating better conditions in regions where we source or process our raw materials. Our projects in our value chain focus on facilitating access to education, promoting equal opportunities and providing short-term emergency aid. In its implementation, HUGO BOSS relies on cooperation with international organizations and recognized partners.

One of our corporate goals is to inspire people towards success – and our Corporate Citizenship Strategy does the same. That is why HUGO BOSS helps people to develop their potential for success and strengthen their self-confidence and character. The basis for this is good educational opportunities along with focused support for disadvantaged groups such as minorities or refugees.

This principle extends through every level of the company: It is reflected in our international funding programs just as much as in the support that our employees get for their social engagement. Employees at our Metzingen headquarters can volunteer for local initiatives during their working hours. 

Examples of our commitment

Supporting education with UNICEF

HUGO BOSS has a long-standing partnership with UNICEF. One project we support ist the project "Living schools" in Malawi. It integrates innovative education concepts such as e-learning next to environmental aspects in its educational approach. Besides we support the “Let Us Learn” project, which aims to improve preschool and elementary school education for children in Bangladesh. The initiative seeks to improve opportunities through educational work and direct cooperation with the government. In the past years we also supported to the “Schools for Africa” program.

Clothing donations with the UNO Flüchtlingshilfe

Since 2018, we have been cooperating with the UNO Flüchtlingshilfe, the German partner of the United Nations High Commissioner of Refugees (UNHCR), and helping people worldwide in acute emergencies with clothing donations. In 2019, refugees from Venezuela were supported in Ecuador. In the last year we donated clothing to Ukrainian refugees.

Social conditions in the supply chain

In addition to its social commitment at its own locations, HUGO BOSS also works with partners and suppliers to promote good conditions and further development along the supply chain – particularly in relation to women. For more information about this commitment, see the Partners section.

Providing support in times of crisis

Especially in times of crisis, it is important to show solidarity and support all those who urgently need help. Therefore, HUGO BOSS is taking its commitment to social responsibility seriously during in the current coronavirus pandemic. In order to counteract the lack of masks and clothing for use in healthcare settings, we manufactured temporary face masks and clothing for healthcare staff. These have been donated to regional charitable institutions.

Support for women and their re-entry into the workforce

With its program 'Open Doors for Women', HUGO BOSS assists women at the Izmir (Turkey) location who want to re-enter the workforce. They are trained for work in the textile industry and, where possible, taken on as regular hires at HUGO BOSS.

Filderstadt: "Food & Art"

Strengthening social skills, promoting self-confidence, and possibly even opening up career prospects: at our company site in Filderstadt, school students from socially disadvantaged families are guided by professional instructors at the local art school, to put their artistic and handicraft skills to the test.

Emergency aid for people in need

As an active member of society, we want to show solidarity, especially in times of crisis, and provide support where help is urgently needed. As part of our corporate citizenship strategy, we therefore provide short-term emergency aid in the form of targeted cash and in-kind donations. Our support is provided in a variety of situations, such as environmental disasters, and is aimed at helping the affected people on the ground as effectively and as quickly as possible.

Examples of our emergency aid contributions

In order to make a contribution during the challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic, we have temporarily converted our production facility at our headquarters in Metzingen to the manufacturing of face masks. Another recent example is our support for a relief initiative in the fight against the bushfires in Australia with a donation of around AU$100,000. Part of the donation was made up of the proceeds from a specially designed T-shirt, which went to the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) and the Australian Red Cross Disaster Relief and Recovery Fund. Our commitment in emergency situations also includes our cooperation with the 'UNO Flüchtlingshilfe', the German partner of the United Nations High Commissioner of Refugees (UNHCR), with whom we help people in acute need worldwide with clothing donations.

What we want to achieve

children are supported by the HUGO BOSS Education Association in Izmir
children are supported by the HUGO BOSS Education Association in Izmir
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by 2025
women are supported in their return to work by the 'Open Doors for Women' job re-entry program
women are supported in their return to work by the 'Open Doors for Women' job re-entry program
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by 2025
people in difficult living conditions will be supported by donations of HUGO BOSS products
people in difficult living conditions will be supported by donations of HUGO BOSS products
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by 2025

Our achievements 2020

Access to education

Children and young people are the future of society – they need equal opportunities. That’s why HUGO BOSS supports disadvantaged children - especially in countries and regions where we have a connection due to our business activities - through improved access to education, to give them a better start to living independent lives.

Promoting equal opportunities

With a high proportion of women in our workforce, we aim to focus part of our social commitment on women in particular. The aim is to train and develop women and accompany them on their path to personal success. At the same time, we are committed to combating all forms of discrimination and promoting an open and diverse society.

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