Occupational Health & Safety

Dedicated health and safety commitment
As a responsible employer, HUGO BOSS takes the occupational health and safety of its employees very seriously. This is expressed in high standards in workplace safety and health protection, which are described in detail in a separate Health & Safety Commitment.


In order to ensure a high level of occupational safety, risk assessments regularly take place with regards to workplaces and new or changed processes. The company’s employees also receive regular training on occupational health and safety.

In addition, HUGO BOSS has declared a target of continually improving the physical and mental health of its employees. Corporate health management is embedded in the organization at many locations. It comprises a broad range of offerings, including those for physical and mental fitness, nutrition and ergonomics in the workplace.

Company doctors are available in Metzingen (Germany) and many other international locations. In addition, HUGO BOSS regularly organizes health events at various international locations with talks, workshops and courses on healthy nutrition or exercise, for example.

Integration of processes for analyzing work-related injuries and illnesses

Since 2022, the meetings of the Occupational Safety Committee have been held jointly with the divisions for the first time in a workshop format to meet the different requirements of the Corporate, Retail and Logistics target groups. In addition to evaluating changes in the divisions on occupational safety, the focus is on the occupational accidents that have occurred in the individual divisions. This involves analyzing the occupational accidents and working out whether there are any causes of accidents that occur more frequently in the respective areas. If this is the case, measures are derived using various methods (e.g. STOP principle) to eliminate the causes of accidents in the future.

Projects to promote good health

Health days

Our series of events, which is offered both at the Metzingen headquarters and at international locations, is very well received by employees.

On your marks, get set, go

The HUGO BOSS Run in Metzingen gets the workforce and their families moving. Even beginner joggers are motivated to join in, because regular jogging meetups with professional coaches are offered ahead of time.

Team spirit through sports

The employees in Izmir (Turkey) are also encouraged to exercise. They have the option of working out on the company’s own sports fields. This benefit not only supports good health, but also an extraordinary team spirit – a few especially motivated employees regularly represent HUGO BOSS at the Istanbul Marathon and the Dragon Boat Festival.

A healthy diet

In Ticino (Switzerland), for example, the cafeteria offers a special detox menu every year in the spring and fall, to emphasize the importance of a balanced diet. Over the course of three weeks, the employees not only enjoy particularly good food, but can also learn about eating healthy.

Incentive for retail employees

At HUGO BOSS, our commitment to health at work also applies to our retail employees. At the Retail Health Challenge 2017, teams from stores throughout Germany competed with each other. The more health offerings were used – including gyms, coaching, healthy eating, and climbing parks – the more points they earned. The winning team was rewarded with an exciting team event.