Desire to Inspire:
Laura Torres Del Cueto

The road to leadership can be a steep uphill journey for women in countries where representation in leadership roles is surprisingly low. This makes the role of strong women as trailblazers all the more important. One such example in the leadership landscape is Laura Torres del Cueto, the inspiring Managing Director of HUGO BOSS Mexico and Latin America.

Laura is the third leader to be featured in our quarterly ‘Desire to Inspire’ series, which highlights the diversity of leadership at HUGO BOSS. The idea behind the series is to share role models as a beacon for teams and aspiring leaders.

Laura's personal and professional journey is a testament to resilience and the power of breaking the glass ceiling. Born and raised in Mexico City, with over 22 years of experience in the fashion industry and more than 18 years in leadership roles, Laura is an embodiment of strength and determination.

Her leadership journey has been supported by her family and the companionship of her adopted Chihuahua, Piky. She continues to defy the initial expectations of clients, who are surprised to see a woman at the helm. Instead of backing down, she uses these instances as a platform for open dialogue and inspiration for younger generations.

In several of my initial customer interactions, people were surprised to see me as a managing director. They expected to meet a German male colleague. But as we started working together, we learned to appreciate our differences.
Laura Torres Del Cueto



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