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Eileennia Rivera

Summer vacation care, financial support, and childcare costs – benefits that Eileennia Rivera, a long-standing employee for BOSS Womenswear and mother of two – can claim for her children. And things are getting even better – the New Work concept makes flexible working hours possible, helping her to balance family and career.

When did you discover New Work?

Around a year ago. It was only for a limited time at first. But then it was added to our contracts, because it worked so well.

What prompted you to use it?

I suggested it myself when the topic arose in my department. I saw it as an opportunity to reconcile my family life and my job without requiring any sacrifices. When my two children were still in preschool, the coordination with my working hours still worked very well. But when my older son started school, I needed more flexibility.

Do you have a typical daily schedule?

Every day I’m in the office until 1:00 p.m. Then I pick up my children and drive them home. We usually get started on homework right away.

How has this freedom changed you and your work?

Before I had the option of working at home, I always felt bad when I had to pass tasks on to my colleagues. I’m a team player and didn’t like it. The New Work model makes it possible for me to work independently.

So your experiences have been positive?

Absolutely! It’s a win-win situation for both sides: the company and me. And it makes HUGO BOSS a very attractive place to work.

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