Managing Board

Responsible for Group strategy and management
The Managing Board consists of four members. They each have their own executive responsibilities, which comprise individual central functions.

Current Managing Board of HUGO BOSS AG

Mark Langer (CEO)

Mark Langer has been the Chief Executive Officer of HUGO BOSS AG since May 2016. He is responsible for Corporate Strategy, Communication, Legal/Compliance, Human Resources, Global Production and Sourcing and Supply Chain Management.

Bernd Hake (CSO)

Bernd Hake is Chief Sales Officer and has been a member of the Managing Board since 2016. He is responsible for the Group's own retail, wholesale and Global Merchandising.

Yves Müller (CFO)

Yves Müller is Chief Financial Officer and has been a member of the Managing Board since 2017. He is responsible for Controlling, Finance & Tax, Investor Relations, Internal Audit, Risk and Insurance Management, IT and Central Services.

Ingo Wilts (CBO)

Ingo Wilts is Chief Brand Officer and since 2016 member of the Managing Board responsible for Creative Management, Brand Management, License Management, Fashion PR and Global Advertising.


Further topics

Supervisory Board

The Supervisory Board monitors the activity of the Managing Board and makes itself available in an advisory capacity. It meets in various committees on different focus areas.

Corporate governance

HUGO BOSS knows that good corporate governance is a crucial factor for company success, and therefore adheres to its own Corporate Governance Code.


Consistent proximity to the customer—this goal is at the heart of the corporate strategy. To this end, HUGO BOSS is global, digital, agile and sustainable.