Innovative Materials

New materials for the fashion of tomorrow
HUGO BOSS actively promotes and helps to shape future solutions in the textile industry. To this end, we collaborate with creative partners worldwide to develop innovative, sustainable products that help us create value – for our company, for our customers, and for the environment.

At HUGO BOSS, innovation and sustainability go hand in hand. We focus on working together with partners, startups, and other creative people from a various fields, to discover and develop ideas for unusual materials and processing techniques.

Wherever possible, we aim to use substitutes that have a better sustainability balance than the materials they replace. This involves societal and environmental impacts as well as animal welfare. To this end, we use life cycle assessments to examine and compare the materials, the companies that produce them, and their processes. Quality tests are also essential to ensure that the new materials meet the high demands of HUGO BOSS.

HeiQ AeoniQ: A sustainable alternative to polyester

As part of a long-term, strategic partnership with HeiQ (LSE: HEIQ), we are investing in a game-changing new sustainable apparel technology for the production of a bio-based cellulosic yarn. The HeiQ AeoniQ yarn offers a true alternative to polyester and nylon fibers, still currently the most widely used materials in the textile industry. The performance parameters of HeiQ’s sustainable, circular, and closed-loop recyclable cellulosic yarn is on par with conventional fabrics like polyester and nylon thanks to its tensile strength and elasticity. The yarn, however, has a far better ecological footprint: While polyester and nylon fibers are made from non-renewable oil-based raw materials, the HeiQ AeoniQ yarn comprises renewable raw materials that capture carbon from the atmosphere. This technology helps prevent water pollution from microplastic fibers, preserves agricultural land and contributes to the decarbonization of the fashion industry, when replacing oil-based materials.
Sneakers made from pineapple leaf fibers
With the vegan BOSS Menswear sneakers made of Piñatex®, HUGO BOSS is striking new ground in product innovation: The material, developed by a company called Ananas Anam, is made of 100% fibers from pineapple leaves, which are produced as a by-product of the pineapple harvest. As a result, farmers gain an additional source of income and other resources can be conserved.

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Sustainable materials

HUGO BOSS strives to increasingly use cotton from sustainable cultivation, employ environmentally-friendly production processes for synthetic fibers, and develop innovative, sustainable materials.

Animal welfare

Leather, wool, and down are materials with animal origins, which results in a special responsibility for animal welfare. HUGO BOSS has set ambitious targets to live up to this responsibility.

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