Engagement, Development & Diversity

Actively supporting engagement and continuing education
HUGO BOSS wants to actively involve its employees in the Company – the diverse inputs that result from this involvement are crucial to our growth. This also includes supporting employees and offering them possibilities for continuing education. Diversity is also very important to us and represents an important element of our everyday work.

Our employees make us strong

Employee engagement

HUGO BOSS wants to create a constructive dialog and relies on a corporate culture that promotes the active engagement of its employees. Our goal is to inspire employees, give them the best possible support, and empower them to take responsibility.

To achieve this, HUGO BOSS employs a variety of communication and transparency measures to promote exchange among employees and empower them to make responsible autonomous decisions. Exemplary of this are our training programs for enabling managers and employees in agile methods and attitudes, self-reflection, and a feedback culture.

In addition, HUGO BOSS conducts regular, global satisfaction surveys as an important tool for employee engagement. The results provide indications of employee needs and give us an incentive to respond to these needs even more.

Work-life balance between family and career

To enable a healthy work-life balance between family and career, the Group provides a wide variety of offers for its employees. HUGO BOSS also promotes flexible working-time models. To this end, the company is committed to the national network Erfolgsfaktor Familie (success factor family) and offers its workforce comprehensive support for families. For more information, see Working at HUGO BOSS.

Flexible work in practice

Balancing family and career is often only possible when the employer makes it possible to schedule working hours flexibly and also occasionally work from home. With its New Work concept, HUGO BOSS provides these freedoms. Eileennia Rivera has been trying it out in practice for two years. She reports on daily life as a working mother with New Work and two young children.


At an international company like HUGO BOSS, diversity is a natural component of our corporate culture and a living reality. All employees are guaranteed equal opportunity and a working environment free of discrimination – regardless of nationality, gender, religious or political beliefs, sexual orientation, age, or potential disability.

HUGO BOSS supports the Diversity Charter

HUGO BOSS has been a member of the Charta der Vielfalt (Diversity Charter) since 2008. This initiative promotes diversity in businesses and institutions and advocates for acknowledgment and appreciation of all employees.

Equal opportunity: a central issue

The subject of diversity also encompasses equal opportunity between genders. This is why we have signed for instance the Women's Empowerment Principles. The seven principles contribute to the empowerment of women in business. Women comprise the majority of the workforce at the HUGO BOSS Group, with a 59% share. In management – that is, at all four management levels – 50 % of the positions were staffed by women at the end 2019 (2018: 48 %).  

Vocational training and employee development

The systematic vocational training of talents is an important pillar of human resources work at HUGO BOSS. The Company offers a wide range of technical and commercial vocational training and work/study programs, in collaboration with regional, national, and international universities and training centers.

To identify and recruit young talents outside the company at an early stage, HUGO BOSS employs a variety of measures at its locations and works together with external partners. One example is the HBTU Ambassador Program at our Ticino (Switzerland) location, in which employees are committed to expanding collaborations with universities.

A systematic approach to continuing education and career development supports employees in continually increasing their knowledge and expanding their skills. HUGO BOSS has implemented an employee development program in addition to the existing extensive options for individual development. All future managers and team leads follow this specific development plan. HUGO BOSS offers individual development programs for managers with special training options, both at headquarters and in the subsidiaries. The Excellence Program, for example, provides specialized training content for employees in IT, procurement, or project management. 

Human rights and working conditions

HUGO BOSS bears responsibility for its employees worldwide. Respect for human rights and compliance with labor standards, based on internationally recognized benchmarks, is our highest aim.

Occupational health and safety

As a responsible employer, HUGO BOSS takes the occupational health and safety of its employees very seriously. Details of this can be found in the company’s Health & Safety Commitment.