Human Rights & Working Conditions

Compliance with internationally recognized standards
HUGO BOSS is aware of its influence as a global employer and is thoroughly committed to upholding human rights and complying with labor standards in all areas of its business activities – in administration, at its own production sites, in logistics, and in its own retail outlets – equally for all employees.


High Social Standards

Respect for human rights and compliance with applicable labor standards are an integral part of the corporate culture at HUGO BOSS. The fundamental requirements for cooperation within the Company and for our relationships with our partners are laid down in the HUGO BOSS Code of Conduct. It provides guidance on key ethical and legal issues with binding rules. The Human Rights Policy and the HUGO BOSS Supplier Code of Conduct, which is based on internationally recognized standards of the United Nations and the International Labour Organization (ILO), are also of central importance for human resources management.

In the event of potential human rights violations, HUGO BOSS employees and employees of HUGO BOSS partners have access to clearly defined complaint mechanisms. If a HUGO BOSS employee has worries or questions, they can contact their direct superior, the central compliance department, the local compliance officer, Human Resources and the Works Council (for HUGO BOSS AG employees) or a whistleblower hotline (for employees in the USA) at any time. In addition, there is an independent ombudsman who is available to employees worldwide to answer questions about the Supplier Code of Conduct and to deal with any complaints. They can contact him anonymously online or by telephone. Details can be found here.

Fair compensation

A well-structured, easily understood compensation policy ensures equal opportunity and freedom from discrimination. It also makes the company more competitive, because it motivates employees and demonstrates respect for employee rights.

Adequate remuneration of our employees is of huge importance to us. It is our goal to ensure fair, competitive compensation around the world. The core of the company’s program is a fair, transparent compensation system that observes industry and collective wage agreements. It is based on the qualification and performance required for a specific position, regardless of gender or other diversity factors. This principle is also embedded in the HUGO BOSS Code of Conduct.

To achieve this goal, we introduced a transparent and objective remuneration system for our employees in Germany last year. Through this system, we want to create the basis for fair and market-oriented remuneration practices. As an employer, we strive to compensate all employees within this system. In each individual case, however, specific market conditions, experience (employment-biographical factors) and performance are still the main factors in defining individual remuneration.

Nevertheless, we must note that there are differences in the remuneration of our female and male colleagues.

  • The mean salary of women (mean) is 4.1% lower than the mean salary of men across all levels at HUGO BOSS.  
  • The median salary of women (median) is 2.3% lower than the median salary of men across all levels.

It is a strategic priority for us to further advance gender equality and fair pay. We are working on global remuneration analyses and the international roll-out of the remuneration system described above to minimize salary differences. Initial results and further figures will be announced next year.

For more information about fair compensation, see the Sustainability Report.

HUGO BOSS Supplier Code of Conduct

All employees, partners, and suppliers pledge to comply with the HUGO BOSS Supplier Code of Conduct. These standards are based on the key conventions of the International Labour Organization (ILO) and on the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

HUGO BOSS Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct creates the foundation for legally unobjectionable conduct by the Group and its employees. Among other things, it contains regulations for observing fair, respectful working conditions and for the prevention of corruption. All employees pledge to comply with it.

Transparent complaint mechanism

Employees and third parties can confidentially contact an ombudsman on issues regarding human rights, social standards, and working conditions. There is an online contact form and international toll-free phone numbers. Professional interpreters are available.